Are all the GT-Rs going to be right hand drive ?
Nissan produced the Skyline GT-R for markets other than the United States. MotoRex does not modify these imported cars to be left-hand drive. Furthermore, a left-hand drive conversion would take away the uniqueness of having a right-hand drive twin-turbo machine state-side.
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Will Nissan import Skyline GT-R's to the US ?
We are not affiliated with Nissan, NA. The Skyline has been made in Japan for markets other than the United States since 1957. The GT-R first appered in 1968. Production then stopped in 1973.  In 1989 Nissasn resumed production of the GT-R.  The GT-R has undergone 2 model changes since the R32. There have been rumors about the GT-R coming to the US since 1991 ,and it has never made it here...until now. Nissan will debut the new model available for the American market in 2009.
Are the Skyline GT-R new or used?
The R32, R33, and R34 models are all used.
How are the Skyline GT-R's insured ?
It varies from insurance company to insurance company. The Skyline is not listed in any of their manuals. We insure them the same way you would insure another specialty vehicle /street rod / restored car  - for the value you place on the vehicle.
Are the engines detuned before they are imported?
What after market parts are available for the GT-R's ?
There is an extensive collection of parts available for R32, R33, and R34 in Japan. We carry Nismo ,Apex'i , and Blitz after market parts for the Skylines. Other aftermarket parts are on request basis.
Who can do the service on my Skyline GT-R ?
Similar to other specialty type vehicles , finding a quality mechanic  is up to the individual. The GT-R shares many similarities with other US market Nissan vehicles.
What is the difference between a regular GT-R and a V-Spec ?
It depends on the model. In an R32 - the wheels , brakes , and suspension are different. The R33 and R34 it is firmer suspension, an electronically controlled limited slip differential in the rear end, and has ATESSA-ETS PRO.
What is the difference between a GT-R and a 400R?
The 400R is a very limited (40 cars) run of R33 GT-R's produced by Nissan   Motorsports, (Nismo), in Japan 1996-1998. The 400R has a 400 hp RB-X engine. It  is a RB-26 stroked to 2.8 liters. It has a special body kit and wheels.Numerous other modifications are on the car. The 400R's cost wasaproximately $100,000 when new in Japan.
What is a GT-R N1?
The N1 is a racing version of the GT-R. It is sold as a base for aracing team. It has  no A/C , no radio. It is the base for  a race car.
What modifications do you perform in order for the GT-R to meet US  regulations ?
Some of the basic items that are changed are   emissions, speedometer , structure reinforcement, lighting, warning and information labels.
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